Breaking the cycle of poverty by providing high quality secondary education to disadvantaged yet academically-promising students in developing countries.

High school is the missing link

  • In Tanzania, the country where Vega Education primarily works, only the most privileged primary students go on to high school.
  • The reason is that there are few high schools across the country and poor families cannot afford to pay for boarding.
  • Secondary school (high school) is the missing link to the road out of poverty. If a child cannot afford to complete secondary education, they are destined to remain in the village, scraping out a meager living and perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

What We Do

In partnership with local schools and communities, we identify students in primary school with above average performance, whose family would not be able to afford to send them to secondary school.

Donors who are passionate about the power of education provide secondary school scholarships through Vega and watch their sponsored student grow and flourish.

We monitor the progress of sponsored students to ensure they have everything they need to succeed. Students showcase to their families and communities the power of education.

Meet Vega’s first sponsored student

“My dream was being a doctor, but my family was poor and I was unable to reach my goals. But Vega Education let me be a doctor. I do try hard to make my sponsor happy, and accomplish my dreams. “

Busanya, an orphan, is now in his second year of medical school thanks to his high school sponsorship. In Tanzania, most students are able to access government loans for their post-secondary education.

by 2030

Our Vision in Numbers


Students supported by the program.


Countries where Vega Education will be operational. (Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya)


100 program graduates completed post-secondary education